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  1. Hello, why is a conversation necessary in 2015 regarding Indigenous Sovereignty. There are substantial records confirming the continent known as Australia was inhabited before European interest and eventual colonisation. As world records show there was no recognition anywhere else in the world of prior occupation prior to European occupation. I put it forward that, with this proven knowledge, there is no requirement to proceed further with the argument over the question of sovereignty, there is no further proof required. It is what it is. STOP trying and start assuming the indigenous right to sovereignty of the country known as “Australia”. The forensic evidence is available and quantifiable in 2015. Indigenous Australians don’t have to argue or plead for sovereignty it is in full view to the world. Assume your position NOW. Peacefully.

    • A monologue is not necessary when one is looking for a conversation. The content of the site is not about approval/plea confirmation or identification. It is about sharing our customary acts of sovereignty. Thanks for your comment.

  2. Thanks for finally writing about > L A N D E D Indigenous Sovereignty Australia < Liked it!