Relationality – Attributes of Aboriginal Ethics

For Aboriginal people Land is the Law what’s the nature of the Law?

It could be said to be an essence, or an accumulation or accretion or mass of essences so when Aboriginal people are relating to Land – their Land – this essence(s) manifests itself in all ways of being an Aboriginal person – within themselves, with other selves (other roles in life), with others, with spirit, with environment, with change, with time and space and with death and after death.

This is not to argue for a kind of Aristotelian essentialism where essences become properties of objects. (Nussbaum – thick, vague concept of the Good.)


Social Goods Underpins For
Belonging Place and Identity Individuals, Family, Clan and Community
Balance Decision making and Conflict management Events, Actions and Intent
Autonomy Conduct/Stance and Perspective Self, Family, Clan and Community
Stewardship Empathy and the beginning of an Ethical Existence Spirit and Human Agency

Relations Diagram

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